About BigBlueDFW

BigBlueDFW is a group of New York Giants fans residing in the Dallas/Forth Worth Area. The group started back in the mid 1990's with approximately 4 people watching a 13 inch television from across the bar. You would often hear someone say, "Who's turn is it to go over there and see how much time is left?" True story.

Tired of being stuck in the middle of "local" fans - the group moved to a sports bar that gave us our own television and sound. (Hey - it was circa 1996 - it may not seem like much for today's standards but sound and the ability to see the score/time of a New York Giants game was huge!)

Slowly the group began to grow just by word of mouth. More recently - due to social networking sites like Facebook - Meetup - and Twitter - the group has grown exponentially in size forcing us to locate larger sports bars that can accommodate our group.

We gather weekly during the football season to watch The New York Giants. You'll find a majority of the group meets even though the games are on local television. So come out and enjoy the games. It's definitely more fun to watch Giants games with other Giants fans!