Saturday, February 16, 2008

Greate Stat for Weekend Conversation

Was it really almost two weeks ago that the New York G-Unit finished numero uno in the NFL Football ranks for the 2007 season? So it's 1:10 A.M., and you would think that it's time to get over looking for any new and interesting NY Giants stat that someone may come up with. WRONG! Here's another one posted by Bill Simmons on

"Leftover Super Bowl Stat: The Giants are 3-1 in the Super Bowl when trailing at the half. All other teams that trailed at halftime at the Super Bowl are a combined 5-31. Noted by reader Mark Richard of Boston."


Although I don't like the thought that we've trailed at the half of all 4 Super Bowls, it's still nice to see that the Giants are the comeback team to win three of them.

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