Monday, December 8, 2008

11-2 Division Winners...

Congratulations NY GIANTS- 2008 NFC East Division winners. Now that the Giants have that taken care of, now they need to regroup and focus on the next level. The next level-take care of business on Dec.14, 2008 against the Cowboys. Back to the basics - Blocking and Tackling. Two things the Giants forgot how to do yesterday.

Just like the Cleveland game, the Giants were beat last night. The Giants did not give up a win, they just did not execute plays. That is coachable and corrected this week.

This is just a bump in the road to success that only makes the Giants better. This is just another wake up call that teams are gunning for the Giants. It happens, however, it doesn't get easier the next few weeks, but the Giants have the talent and the character to WIN.

The Giants have not yet earned a first-round playoff bye, but they have ensured themselves of a first-round home playoff game.

Simple...Blocking and Tackling. Now get that first round bye in Dallas!


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