Monday, January 12, 2009

Our season ending hangover falls on the coaches shoulders...

Our offensive players were not perfect...neither were Philly's. Every blog I read says Gilbride what you can to save Spags. Sure I think Spagnuolo is great, but he didn't coach great. He was just good. He has his head interviewing and looking elsewhere. In the meantime, it looks like he got his ass kicked by his mentor.

I think Gilbride has always been mediocre as a play caller, but I expected more from Spagnuolo in those weather conditions. Last I heard and witnessd...DEFENSE wins Championships. Look at the teams remaining. Of the 4 teams, 3 of which their defense outplayed and out schemed to overcome their offenses ups and downs.. Hell Arizona is reiventing themselves on offense and playing great D! Way to adapt to the NFL playofffs.

Gilbride lost his mind with all of those long passes, the QB sneak, and less Jacobs pounding the ball up the MIDDLE. You run the ball in the playoffs (you ass) because it was working.

Spagnuolo got out coached by his mentor. Good luck as a head coach.

See you at the draft.


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