Monday, February 9, 2009

Pro Bowl 2009

Watching the Pro Bowl, I heard that Eli is the first NY Giants QB to play in the Pro Bowl since 1993. Yes, the Great Phil Simms was the last QB to represent the ole NY on the helmet. Truth be told, it just said Giants then, but nonetheless its been a long time.

Eli had a personal record breaking year with his improved QB rating. I am very pleased to see him improve, but one thing eats at me...

Ahhhh! Watching him throw the ball up into the end zone corner and then watching Fitzgerald come down with the TD. It makes me really sick. That should have been Plaxico catching that ball and Plaxico assiting young Eli to wins in the playoffs.

Makes me sick, sick, sick!

I hope Jerry Reese watched the Pro Bowl and said, "we need that back in our system." SOOO whether it is Plaxico, Tony Gonzales, Q Boldin or for that matter TJ Houshmazaddaahahdha... We need a security blanket to keep the machine running. As Osi said in an interview, " the Giants figured out how to win and it was disrupted by the absence of Plaxico Burress."

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