Monday, April 27, 2009

2009 NY Giants Draft Class:

1 (29th) — WR Hakeem Nicks, North Carolina (6-1, 212)
2a (45th) — LB Clint Sintim, Virginia (6-2, 256)
2b (60th) —LT William Beatty (6-6, 291)
3a (85th) — WR Ramses Barden, Cal-Poly (6-6, 229)
3b (100th) — TE Travis Beckum, Wisconsin (6-3, 243)
4 (129th) — RB Andre Brown, North Carolina State (6-0, 224)
5 (151st) — QB Rhett Bomar, Sam Houston State (6-2, 224)
6 (200th) — CB DeAndre Wright, New Mexico (5-11, 198)
7 (238th) — CB Stoney Woodson, South Carolina (5-11, 196)

Does this mean any trade attempts for Braylon Edwards are futile? No, it is highly unlikely,but I know the Giants fans at the Cape Buffalo were shocked we didn't make that trade happen. There are experts that are shocked it did not happen.

When The Cleveland Browns continued to to trade down we speculated. When the Browns made their first pick-Alex Mack - we were not happy. We were now further from our Braylon Edwards deal...

But wait...we saw USC LB Rey Maualuga just sitting there for the taking at 29. When the comissioner announced the Giants 29th pick you could hear a pin drop as the air slowly deflated out of each of us.

I think at this point, no Braylon trade, we wanted a LB!

Instead, we picked Hakeem Nicks , the 6'1"...not 6'3" nor 6'6" WR from UNC. Did the Giants make the best pick for WR? The jury is still out, but Denver jumped on a kid from Bayonne NJ so fast, that may have been the one that got away...Kenny Britt.

So do the Giants continue to search for a true #1 WR in a trade?

Will Hakeem Nicks be an immediate impact this year?

According, to the Giants, he catches EVERYTHING! We need that in windy Giants Stadium. Ah, maybe our number one pick is growing on me!

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