Tuesday, September 22, 2009


I've heard tons of names for the new Cowboys Stadium in Arlington. Here are a few examples:

The Palace in Dallas (ehh...Arlington)

The Eighth Wonder of the World (I always thought that was Andre The Giant)

Jerry World

Jones Mahal

Death Star (A nice Star Wars reference but I hope it actually means Death to the Star.)

Six Flags Over Jerry

Boss Hogg Bowl

Jerry Dome

But after being at "the most attended game in NFL History," I must submit a new name I overheard this morning:

The $1 Billion Bakery

Why - you ask? Because all they serve up is turnovers! That's why!



Mac- said...

Ha ha! I am partial to My creation The Tarrant County Cowboy Colosseum.

Unknown said...

Relatively new to DFW (about a year now). I'm originally from Albany and bleed giants blue.

You guys meet up every week?

Mac- said...

Every week whether on TV or not. Check out the Cape Buffalo site for directions.