Monday, November 9, 2009

Dear Brandon Jacobs

Dear Brandon Jacobs,

Thank you for not catching that critcal pass in the 4th quarter to get the first down.I know your job is to run with the ball, but every now and again we might ask you to catch it mid air as well. Also, we're sorry we made you run up the middle all those years to help you earn your big contract. I know it must be difficult for you since everyone wants to knock you down. We appreciate you taking the time to try and run around some of those large guys or choosing instead to just fall down at the line. We wouldn't want you to get hurt.

Also, can we put you down for another quote of the week. How about we go with the "I'm due for 100 yards this game." Yeah, yeah, let's use that one again. "I'm due."


As Bob put it, "You want 100 yards, GO GET IT." And my personal favorite....."I could fall down at the line of scrimmage. Pay me!"

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