Friday, January 29, 2010

New York Giants Draft Pick

Is it my time to shine...NO ! Is it MY Time to Time...OH Hell NOOOO! What time is It then??

Its Time for Peter's PICK!!!

Pick Peter Pick! Pick Peter Pick! Pick Peter Pick!

The commissioner emailed me again this year and would like Peter's pick in by March 17th please. There was a controversy involving tampering during a pick 2 years ago. HOWEVER, Peter did call Hakeem Nicks last year. This will just clear up the air and solidify Peter's greatness. Oh and please cc: Jerry Reece.

Remember Peter, my dad always said..."you can pick
your drafts... you can pick your nose...but you can't pick
your drafts noses'!" That's just weird stay away from our drafts and stop wearing their jerseys! For Pete's sake, just wear retired numbers them all! What a collection!

Hey sports fans...Let's hear your Draft picks ! We have number 15!
Trivia- What did this former draft pick of the NY Football Giants pictured above invent?

From the 817...Yours Truly,
Mac McNamara

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