Thursday, April 22, 2010

Giants will draft McClain or wait...Maybe...

CJ Spiller.


Thats right Big Blue DFW. You heard it here first. After 22 days of begging, pleading and hounding for just one more pick. "Just give me one more for the blog", I asked Peter in a text April 2nd at 2:48 PM.

Well, the 22 days of silence was broken this morning, Peter "LT" Nguyen, text me simply, " Spiller,RB."

And quote, "JR asked me to call him to check his cell number in case he fall to us!" Followed by another text, "Post it ASAP!"

Peter was the insider on the cell phone gate! More to come on this crazy draft day. Will Peter give us yet another hot draft pick?


Update- April 22 8:24 AM

Can't trust it-

"If cj's around at that time then you can't trust it...the best rb in the draft is gotta be of some use to one of the fourteen teams, unless there's a trade which would probably put osi on the block, which is never good to trade defense for any rook"-Jmall

Update- April 22nd 11:02AM
My cell phone is blowing up with texts and emails. Some actually doubting Peter's sources. I appreciate his extra pick for the blog, but here are just a few to read in response to Peter's latest pick.

"WTF Peter? 3 deadlines pass and he reads an article the day of the draft. Sorry're stuck with McClain even if he's awesome for another team."- Dirty

"Whoa whoa whoa Big P -take it easy with the Spiller talk. You had me sold on McClain...what gives? " - Vito in Paramus

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