Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Final Preseason Game Thursday Night - 6:00pm at Cape Buffalo

We're Back! Back at the Cape Buffalo Grille! Thursday night at 6:00pm.

Since the final preseason game is televised on the NFL Network - we will be gathering at our New York Giants football watching home - the Cape Buffalo Grille.

Cape Buffalo Grille
17727 Addison Road
Dallas, TX 75287

So meet us in the Sky know...the room where we won the Superbowl and forever renamed Tom Brady as the human grass stain! (For any newcomers - the Sky Box is on the right once you walk in)

Also - a special thanks to the Stadium Cafe for allowing us to temporarily watch our previous 2 preseason games. (although is should be noted we were 0-2 in those games!)

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Drew said...

I blame Rhett Bomar for 0-2.