Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Game 1: Giants vs. Panthers - Sunday 12:00pm

The mini camps are over. The preseason is over. The cuts have been made and the 2009 season is finally behind us. That means come Sunday (09/12/10) at 12:00pm - the 2010 New York Giants season starts.

This week - the [bleep]ing Carolina Panthers. If anyone remembers the last time New York played Carolina - that should motivate you to come out and support Big Blue.

We will be gathering at our New York Giants football watching home - the Cape Buffalo Grille.

Cape Buffalo Grille
17727 Addison Road
Dallas, TX 75287

Since Cape Buffalo Grille has recently renovated portions of the bar/pool area - we will be watching all the games in the Sky Box. (For any newcomers - the Sky Box is on the right once you walk in)

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