Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I think that...

We need to stop fooling ourselves: 8-8 is best we could probably get!
Start the rebuilding process by playing the younger guys (Linval Joseph, JPP, Tollefson, Cruz) to see what they can do
Start coaching research for all coaches especially head coach (YES, I said it!), Killdrive, overrated Sewage.
It's time to clean house: Prepare pink slips for McKenzie, Canty, BJ, Dielh, Bernard (why is this asshole still on the team roster?), Tynes, Dodge, Terrell Thomas, etc...
For fans sake, please do not punish us through several years of Dave Brown or Danny Kannell experiments...
This team double sucks - They may not beat several local high school teams around here, a.k.a. Euless Trinity.

Go Big Blue.

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