Monday, September 20, 2010

It's official: BJ is becoming a cancer in G-Men locker room!

Ok, I'm still pissed from what the team displayed last night. That's a same damn defense that I saw last year: can't stop anyone. And what the fuck is that 1 LB formation? I thought we hired a defensive guru - whatever the fuck his name is!?

Then I found out two more things for real about Blow Job:
1) BJ chooses to run wild while the Giants have been insisting him to run North-South according to this article:

"Brandon Jacobs is a head case right now, and that's by his own admission.

His reduced role in the Giants' offense has become stark and telling. Not only did he carry the ball only four times for eight yards in last night's 38-14 loss to the Colts, he also found himself embroiled in a number of other brush fires that included throwing his helmet into the stands.

First, Jacobs encountered his coach's wrath by failing to seize a hole early in the third quarter, one play before Eli Manning would complete a 54-yard touchdown pass to Mario Manningham. Rather than bruise through the line, Jacobs cut back like a scatback, picking up zero yards and one stern tongue lashing.

"I was angry," Tom Coughlin admitted, "because we've seen too much of that east-west stuff out of him. Find something and head north, that's what we've been drilling him."
2) BJ officially becomes a cancer in the locker room demanding a trade according to this article

So BJ, I'm hoping the Giants can trade your ass to the Raiders. The problem is your ass has too much fat: 2nd year of 5-year $25M with $13M guaranteed. Great, this always happens after they get a big contract: they become fat, lazy, and whiner if they don't get their ways!
Blow Job, you're my douch bag of last week!!!!

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