Wednesday, October 27, 2010

10 Thing You Don't See At The Game:

10 - Stats like this: Steve Smith is the first Giants player since 1988 to have 100+ yards receiving two regular season games against the Cowboys. (Make it 3 in a row).

9 - A slow motion replay of Rich Seubert pancaking Keith Brooking.

8 - Jerry Jones cheering for the cowboys opening touchdown. (Not seeing that is actually a good thing)

7 - Another slow motion replay of Chris Snee pancake blocking Brady James on the Manningham touchdown.

6 - A Brandon Jacobs replay dragging Keith Brooking for 4 extra yards.

5 - A replay of Miles Austin's alligator arms. (I guess Antrel Rolle has loud feet)

4 - Another stat: 47% of Tom Coughlin's on-field calls are overturned on challenges. (highest percentage in NFL history - minimum 30 challenges)

3 - Game stats. ($1.3 Billion Stadium and I can't find how many yards Eli has)

2 - The Michael Boley/Tony Romo sack replay.

And the number 1 thing you won't see at the game:

1 - Jerry Jones in complete shock watching his team get dismantled on national television.

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