Thursday, October 28, 2010

bye week blues

So wtf to do this bye week? I could A. start writing my great American novel. B. Go visit Romo in the hospital and give him the jar I farted in when I was eleven(I had planned on giving it to my brother but forgot). C. Get dressed in GIANTS gear, find the biggest cowboy watching party and walk around all chest out and give all those chumps my patented Asshole smile D. Find myself a hot ass woman wearing cowboys gear, charm the pants off her, and in the morning when she realizes shes wearing GIANTS blue, give her my patented Asshole smile and say,"yea baby you got fucked twice."(I've done this move before but with my beloved SOONERS) E. Tie a faggy sweater around my neck and go frolicking in this beautiful fall weather like a fucking muff. F. Wake up on a Sunday and do my usual shit with one exception; I wont get to see my beloved GIANTS put waste to another QB.. Thats right Hasselbeck.. you got two weeks to enjoy the little things you usually take for granted.. like wiping your own ass.. make sure that you give a shout out to Jesus/budda/yaweh/jah/Ala/Shiva... before you do.. our D is gonna get some payback for all the shit your retard brother talks about BIG BLUE.

Well those are just a couple of things I could do on Sunday.. until next time.. GO GIANTS.. and where the heck did I put that sweater?

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Mac- said...

Too funny... Shout out to Shiva...who thinks of that? Haaaa!

It would have been too strange if Hasselbeck's number was six. Nonetheless, something tells me his number is up...NEXT!