Thursday, October 7, 2010

Potential Help For A Battered Offensive Line

In an effort to enhance the running game, the New York Giants have reached out to a pair of brothers hoping to bolster the blocking along the offensive line. Bobby "Nightclub" and Mike "Boom Boom" McNamara were called up by the New York Giants brass for tryouts. Both have been focused more on tequila and the Mexican soccer league as of late, but both have stated "they're ready to play."

Many of you may recall the McNamara brothers attempting to start their own New Jersey Beer League soccer team back in 2003 when NY Giants football had taken a turn for the worse. Anunzio Coccavelli had this to say: "These boys may look ready for a siesta but they're ready to play. As you can see, the real key is how they hide their arms. It throws off the defensive line and they don't ever see it coming. The New York Giants run game will soon be back on top."

With all the injuries along the offensive line, we might not have to wait long to see these New Jersey bandidos. I, for one, am ready. Put 'em in coach!

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