Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Repeat: Giants 17 - Bears' 3rd-string QB "Mommy!!". I think that...

Per popular request of repeat... after all we DID repeat many times on Bears QB!!!

That game was fun to watch. - Not for Bears' QB.
Chicago QB (enter name here) looked like a human pinata. - And human grass stains.
Pregame speeches by Strahan and Armstead always pay dividends. - Can they do it again before the cowshit game. We need Homo to be another human pinata.
Our punter needs to get his shit straight...quick. - Can Feagles kick again?
Tiki Barbers still sucks... dicks!!! - My brother reminded me that every time Tiki opens his fucking big mouth, we win. I guess it is a guesture to Tiki: FUCK YOU DOUCHE BAG and (most of) us don't give a rat ass of what your statistics was. I heard the whole stadium booed him at haft time during Ring Of Honor ceremony. Per Mara: "we got 29 cheers today"...
NBC's announcers can suck it. - The only way to shut Cockworth up is to duck tape a dildo in his mouth for the remaining of the season!
This victory will mean nothing if we don't back it up in Houston. - Amen.

Big Blue!!!

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