Tuesday, November 30, 2010

One game at a time, sweet Tuck/Osi

What did the left butt cheek say to the right butt cheek?
"if we stick together we can stop all this shit."
And this is how my boys Osi and Tuck broke it down at half time...
This may have been what the G-fense have been missing... I know that Rolle tries to play the role, but who the fuck is that guy? Agreed that Rolle is the shit, but we need leadership from the old school.... the men that have been there and purchased the T- shirt. Now while we love and admire Eli, lets be serious..... he's not that guy... there's a reason why he's called easy E, and its cool... The biggest reason GIANTS fans are who we are... is cause BIG BLUE kicks ass on D...
So..... I've been reading all these articles from all these A holes around and no is giving BIG BLUE any credit for beating the jagoffs.... But check this out.... unless you play in the nfc west.. then you know that EVERY win is impressive, this is the time of year when injuries have every one by the balls, every game is hard fought... So to all the GIANTS haters out there... I say.... GO BLOW YOURSELVES... its one week at a time and this week is the foreskins... BIG BLUE will get in that ass..... lets hope the words from this week's past still hit hard.... Tuck, " we can't let people come in our house, eat our food and talk to our women... We're dogs... lets hunt".... I love me some J.T.
So lets GO GIANTS!!!!!

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