Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Giants 31 - Redskins 7 - I Think That:

- It's about time the Giants scored a touchdown on an opening drive. (1st one this year)

- Finally - Eli didn't have to carry this team on Sunday. (although trying to force that ball in the end zone was a bad decision)

- For a game that was originally not supposed to be televised...I think we had a great crowd at Cape Buffalo.

- Even though our normal waitresses quit - I'm thankful we won...on account of our superstitious ways.

- Donovan McNabb is still Osi's bitch.

- One of the contributors to this blog (The Irish Highball) needs to attend games more often. He's now 2-0 and the Giants have recorded 14 sacks in those 2 games.

- Things are always better when the big man (Jacobs) is rumbling and looking for contact.

- Our punter finally had a game where no one in our group wanted to cut him immediately.

- Devin Thomas has found a home on special teams.

- JPP is starting to look good (4 sacks in the last 2 games).

-The Giants should have had more than 6 turnovers.

- Even though I'm disappointed that Kate Mara wore Pittsburgh garb during the Giants game...I'm somehow willing to forgive her.

- It's difficult to judge how bad Washington is - considering they're giving up on Shanahan - but I'll take it.

- The Giants needed a sound victory - but let's not forget what happened last year against the Viqueens.

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