Tuesday, December 21, 2010

True Blue Blood Big Blue Calling!

As bad, disgusted, disappointed, upset, pissed off, angry, hollow, etc... as it should feel until this Sunday from last Sunday debacle, TRUE BLUE BLOOD BIG BLUE fans won't give up on our G-Men - not now and not ever, especially when we still have a chance to make playoff and go some where. As a reminder, many of us felt like craps after starting 0-2 and fell behind 0-17 vs. Foreskins in 2007, everyone including me calling for TC's head. What happened is history...
Go Big Blue.
Eagirls fans: You got your win (for now), now go fuck yourselves!
Cowshits fans: Up yours and why are you still chirping this season?!
Foreskins fans: Nothing needed to be said here!!!

1 comment:

Jimmy Two Times said...

TRUE BLUE BLOOD BIG BLUE...Easy for you to say... for you to say!