Wednesday, January 26, 2011

mixed feelings

I don't how to feel about the superbowl in the back yard, every day and every event that gets radio/tv play pisses me off like crazy... Some are trying to wrangle me to the NFL experience on Thursday... and I know it probably would be interesting but I just dont want to go!!! Call me a hater but I just dont feel like seeing any steelers/pack fans all happy and shit... Where is my happiness? Fuck them both... I am giving serious thought to leaving next weekend to avoid all those smiling motherfuckers, all chest out, all sporting at least a 3rd of a chubby. I cant do it... The fucking pack... dont EVEN get me started on that shit... but they TCB'ed when they had to... The main point to this post is that this guy is VEXED... Zero joy... Especially when I see these fanuks sailing past on the good ship lollipop.. I wish I could lean over to my X.O. and order the flooding of tubes 1 and 2... fire!!!!! Shit.. I needed to vent. GO KNICKS

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