Monday, January 24, 2011

NFL Championships

Most World Championships:
Green Bay Packers, 12
Chicago Bears, 9
New York Giants, 7
Pittsburgh Steelers, 6
Dallas Cowboys, 5
San Francisco 49ers, 5
Washington Redskins, 5
Cleveland Browns, 4
Detroit Lions, 4
Indianapolis/Baltimore Colts, 4

Packers, Giants, and Steelers have more NFL championships than Cowboys. It is so fitting that Packers and Steelers are playing for this year championship in Cowboys land but at Eli's Giants westside stadium!!!

Go Big Blue.

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Mac said...

Nice Blog! Well done... I think of the top 4 teams on your list(excluding Chicago) are the most hated in Dallas history. Just say Terry Bradshaw to a Cowboy fan.

I like the idea that that the two NFC teams this week were playing for the George Halas Trophy and now the Vince Lombardi Trophy is the prize.