Friday, February 25, 2011

NY Giants Tag

You're it! February 24th has come and gone and the Giants organization has opted not to use the Franchise Tag on one of their free agents. This seems to be a fairly usual part of the Giants free agent practices. Should they have used the tag on a player this year? I don't know... that's top 5 player $$$.

Looks like the Giants are Taking Care of Business...well as much as they can without a Collective Bargaining Agreement Renewal and the Darkness of an NFL Lockout.

Most likely a new CBA will not be complete before summer. Who knows when sides will agree. Its sad, but it sounds like the Giants are prepping for a lockout. The Giants Executives are making plans to keep coaching staff and employees as happy as possible. There seems to be as of now, little threat of a major cutbacks in salary for assistant coaches and Coughlin is in line for a contract extension.

New York Giants ownership is loyal to the coaching staff and despite not making the playoffs, don't seem to want to rock the boat at this time. Keeping the coaching staff in place ( Kevin Gilbride you are one lucky bastard); improving the roster depth via the draft; and focusing on the basics of football. The simple stuff we learned in pop warner:

-Protecting the football- just think about the fumbles Giants had in 2010.
-Blocking and tackling- Adding depth to the Giants aging Line.
-Throwing and catching- Eli needs to improve accuracy and as good as the receiving crew looks...they dropped the ball too much!

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