Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Perry Fewell

Perry Fewell has been on four head coaching interviews with the Titans, Browns, Panthers and Broncos. I have to say, whoa...close call!

We came very close to losing a very good Defensive Coordinator that has some head coaching experience. I held my breath during the first three interviews and was relieved until along came the Titans. How much does a team or a coach have to endure. It is a sign that Perry Fewell is a top notch coordinator on the rise.

I really like what Perry Fewell has done with our Big Blue Defense. A Cover-2 Defense with turnovers. Yes, the Giants forced an NFL high 42 fumbles. Did I mention getting to the QB.

Oh and Big Blue Faithful, we got to the QB! Quarterbacks did not want to play the G-Men during their head hunting streak of QBs. Five Quarterbacks taken out of the game and SIX if you include the TKO of Brett Favre. When deciding to play the G-Men, I guarantee Brett Favre said ahhh screw the consecutive game streak... this one will hurt.

Perry Fewell is on his way getting the Defense back on track to the Super Bowl. He gets it and the players respond to his high energy. Defense wins Championships and the Giants invented DEFENSE!..DEFENSE!...DEFENSE! Mr. Fewell has big shoes to fill and roster spots to fill. Can anyone say Monster Middle Linebacker?


Tommy Sneakers said...

Draft a linebacker for crying out loud.

Jmall said...

monster linebacker