Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Big P says Akeem Ayers or Mark Ingram at 19

Our draft pick prognosticator, Peter finally narrowed down his choices to two picks. We heard rumors that he wanted Ingram. He posted last month, "So, I wouldn't be surprised if G-Men picks Mark Ingram (Ala RB, former Mark Ingram's son) in 1st round. I'm not saying it is my pick but...".

He hinted The NY Giants have not picked an O-Lineman in the first round in years!

Then he names (4 days late) Akeem Ayers for final choice.

Peter was that delay due to the fact you really wanted Mark Ingram, but were afraid to make the command decision? Did you fear the backlash from fellow peers. How could we take a RB!!!!

I knew Akeem wasn't your only pick, I knew you had someone else in mind, but this game works in 3's. We need a tiebreaker! Make another pick! Or we will make yet another poll!

Ha ha you knew I'd ask. Pick Peter Pick.

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Peter said...

Per popular suggestion, the last 1st pick is:

Nate Solder OT Colorado.