Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Sounds Like Someone Needs Money

Out of 30 Giants to get their name inducted into the Giants Ring of Honor - there's a reason why Tiki Barber was the only one that got booed.

He publicly criticized Michael Strahan.
He criticized the coaches and the Giants organization.
He retired saying his body couldn't take the punishment.
He threw the Giants organization under the bus...again.
He threw Eli Manning (Superbowl XLII MVP) under the bus.
He got a journalist job with NBC reporting on the world's biggest pancake.
While pregnant with twins - he left his wife for a 23 year NBC intern.
He has since been let go from NBC.

And now he wants to return to the NFL.

Looks like the salary of a 23 year old intern just can't cut it.

Good luck with the Raiders....bitch.

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