Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Mock Drafts Are Easy

That's right - I said it...mock drafts are easy. For months everyone - including BigBlueDFW - has been speculating on the draft. For us - it's primarily been about the New York Giants. Do the Giants pick an offensive lineman? A defensive tackle? Another defensive end? Or what about the best player available?

But what about the guy you don't want on your team? You see - yesterday I was asked to name one guy I wouldn't like to have. I immediately answered:

Mike Pouncey, OG - Florida

I really have no solid evidence to support my answer...other than watching him consistently snap the ball 10 feet over the quarterback's head early in his senior season.

For Jmall - it's probably anyone from Texas.
For Drew - it's anyone from Florida State; a purple team; or a bird team.
For Mac - it's anyone that went to Bergen Catholic.
For Re "Pete" aka Teddy Ruxpin - it's anyone from Texas. (because he heard Jmall say it)

Who do you not want?

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Drew said...

Quite possibly one of the funniest posts in some time. I do want to clarify though that the purple and bird team hatred doesn't follow itself into college completely. I would draft somebody from TCU and I wouldn't have a problem if we grabbed somebody from a college bird team, depending on the team. But you are 100% correct about FSU. I don't want anybody from FSU and I'd probably say I don't want anybody from Ohio State.

I would add Miami and USF but so far the Giants seem to like drafting out of Florida for 4 of their last 11 picks.