Wednesday, April 6, 2011

With the 52nd pick of the draft The New York Giants pick.........

Greg Jones, linebacker, from Michigan State.

Okay, Okay. I know we're still having fun with the first round picks. So what? It's not too late to start talking 2nd and 3rd round, where we see some of the best talent come from. Many of you will wonder why I picked Greg Jones. Well take some time to look it up. He was a stud linebacker at Michigan State that started his all 4 years. He was linebacker of the year in 2009 for college football. This guy has the talent. My only concern is his size. He's a little small but he follows the ball and has good presence on where to be to make the stop up the middle. He's a tackling machine and manhandles an offense like Jumal manhandle a monster burrito from Freebirds. (Note Freebirds, if you're reading, we are available for advertising.) Most importantly, he's an emotional player, which the Giants seem to be lacking as of lately.

The funny thing is when I went to look up why we haven't heard anything lately about Greg Jones I found two articles about Greg Jones and both were with regards to Greg Jones and the New York Giants. Coincidence, I think not.

Article 1 click here

Article 2 click here

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Mac- said...

Second Round is important. I bet we have had more winners in the second round picks than the first.

Hey, a few said Armstead was too small to start, but he was a fighter. He developed into a Pro Bowl Linebacker. If he can play half as good as a former Michigan State Linebacker named Carl Banks...I am in.

My second round pick- cornerback or D -lineman. Giants like draft falling trouble makers. How about 2nd round Marvin Austin from UNC. Solid and fast.