Saturday, May 7, 2011

friends, Giants fans, brothers from nother mothers.... I have to report a shocking development.......... THE FUCKING CAPE IS CLOSING DOWN TONIGHT FOR GOOD!!! AND THEY COULDN'T GIVE US A HEADS UP.... Now we were "talking about possible venues that can cater to the needs of a KICKASS crew like THIS... but with a situation like this... it's important that we cop a spot ASAP... and with the size of the group this means we do have some power as far as food/drink specials... so Shake down all your contacts and lets roost asap!!!



Anonymous said...

they still have a web site up and when you call their number it still has the cape buffalo recording. so whats up?

Anonymous said...

How about that new place in Addison Circle - Mucky Duck.
New sports bar.

Jmall said...

that mucky duck place is a Saints bar, I do know the owner but, there's too many douche bag cowboy fans in that joint