Friday, September 16, 2011

Big Blue DFW Getting Local and International Attention

Because of the loyal and growing following the New York Giants have in Dallas, Big Blue DFW and Buffalo Joe's of Addison TX get a mention from the website Thrillist. Together we make their list of NOT-Cowboy Bars! Say it again... NOT! Cowboys Bars! Thank you Thrillist from the Big Blue DFW.

Check it out here: Link

On a lighter side of : It shocks me to see how many hits we get internationally. Are they lost or Giants fans. Maybe it's the irreverent rants of Dirty Bob and Jmall or the Atari retro look we bring to the Blog that attract our hits from abroad.

Nonetheless, this past year we had an oddly strong Netherlands following, but we now have a new all time international leader. Russia has the most international views. Pushing strong for the top spot is Germany. I think we could be the David Hasselhoff of Blogs if the rest of Germany logged on and read our take of the NY Giants. Top three international viewers:


In closing, we cannot say it enough... Big Blue DFW shows up! Whether on TV or not show up at Buffalo Joe's in support of our New York Football Giants for Monday Night. You can't beat the energy and the excitement of the crowd! Wear Giants Blue and be Loud! Drown out everyone watching another team. See you Monday and Go Big Blue!

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