Saturday, September 24, 2011

Giants need a balanced plan against the Eagles

A simple plan and stick to it. Back to what made New York Great...Blocking and tackling. Running the ball and great Defense. Protect the ball on Offense and hit Michael Vick every single chance they get.

I hear we need to run. I know we need to run. We definitely have the Running Backs... Will Gilbride stick to the run? We need two tight end sets and jam the ball up Philly's so called Dream Team ass.

Balance is needed. The Giants must not creep away from the run. Pass the ball, but do not live and die by the pass. Eli does not look like he trusts his receivers and at times looks as if he doesn't have enough time to throw the ball. Eli must keep the offense on the field. Nicks is going to have to stand on his head tomorrow and our tight ends need to get the ball up field.

On Defense... all eyes are on Aaron Ross and Corey Webster versus Maclin and Jackson. Aaron Ross needs to be the man tomorrow on Defense and on Special Teams. He needs to have short term memory of being benched last week and play like a first round draft pick.

Greg Jones needs to keep improving and go after the ball. He needs to lead the Defense and communicate with the Defense. No mistakes... Not against Philly. This game is a crucial divisional game. It is a great game for Jones to stand out. We need an unknown player to step up in light of a injured team.

Former New York Giants Great Carl Banks said, "Eagles fans have to look at this as a cake walk" "If the Eagles struggle or lose to the Giants, there will be major concern for the Eagles and watch the fans turn"

The Giants need to smack the Eagles in the mouth and jump on them quick. St. Louis hit Vick, Atlanta hit Vick... The Giants Defense needs to hit and hit AND HIT Vick!

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