Saturday, September 24, 2011

No Love?.........Perfect!

If you listen to any of the national sports talk radio in recent days - you would probably hear the Giants shouldn't even show up on Sunday. (For that matter - if you listen to local sports talk radio - the next coming has a broken rib and a miraculously healed - yet in my opinion a made up punctured lung - but I digress.)

No matter what you're listening to - it's all negative. The injuries (real or fake), the secondary, the inexperienced linebackers, no O$i, a O-line that hasn't gelled yet. It's all negative.

You know what? I love it.

Count us out! Do it! Look at the predict us to go 6-10 in one of your fancy preseason polls? Perfect. That usually means we'll win the division. Seriously - who else was upset that all of ESPN's Monday night pregame team picked the Giants? I know I was.

The last I checked - the Giants and Philadelphia have the same record. Think about that...we have the same record as the "Dream Team" people! (hopefully you can sense my sarcasm - I'm laying it on pretty thick).

And I know it's only week 3 but it's time for the Giants to send a message. A revengeful message? Perhaps...but I'm thinking of an old school New York Giants game. A tactful revenge game where we run the ball straight up the liberty bell's ass. I'm thinking of a 1990 Bill Parcell's team that would run the ball and control the play clock designed to wear out a defense. See - all I've heard this week is that Philly is too fast for the Giants. While that may be true - my solution - keep their offense off the field.

Speed can't beat you if you're sitting on the bench.

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