Monday, November 28, 2011

New coaching regime?!

If this G-Men team go through another/3rd half-season collape, I believe that it is time for a new coaching regime. I know that I have said this before but this time TC's contract is up so I certainly would like to avoid enduring the next 2-3 years of the same old s**t after the half-season point. These few main reasons should be enough:
1) Killdrive will never be gone unless he is hired somewhere else or TC's gone. Neither case seem likely to happen in a near future.
2) Lack of discipline, strive, and killer instinct on this team piss the heck out of me. Head coach is totally responsible for that.
3) After 2/3 years, I'm still not impressed with DC/Pewell so he should go too. Tired of watching lack of creativity on defense. Ditto for offense!!!
4) New coaching regime will help cleaning house. Time to take care of our dirty laundry. Calling heads of Ross, Jacobs, few OL men, Beckum, Barden, etc...
Other than that, I bleed BLUE 4Life!!!
Go Big Blue,
Big P.
PS: Hell, I hate c**k teasers and this team sometimes act like them!!!

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