Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Janoris Jenkins New York Giants

So I was reading a tweet from Liz Mullen @SBJLizMullen that stated Janoris Jenkins hired agent Malik Shareef. First she has great tweets , second her pic has her sporting a Giants Super Bowl Ring and thirdly she throws out the occasional horse racing tweet. If you don't follow her, try following her.

Well, back to Janoris Jenkins, apparentley he hired agent Malik Shareef of Dimensional Sports, Inc. The same agent who now represents Victor CRUUUUUUZ. Connection...maybe. Draft possibility maaaaybe. It had me thinking about Jenkins again.

Am I reading into this? Sure...Why not. I was dangling on a limb when I said Big Blue would take Jenkins at 32 anyway.

Why post it...Because I can and Peter left us with one draft post for this year that said simply- Coby Fleener with a proberbial "that's it!... THAT'S IT! ...No more picks!" So someone has to pump up their pick with crapola.

Plus, I have no clue who is getting drafted by the GMEN.

Jenkins is a talented CB with his list of troubles. If he falls further than 23 (Detroit) ... he could be a Giant because I do not believe the GMEN shy away from "issues" nor do I believe they have "openly" communicated with him.

Rams met with him. I do not see them taking Jenkins in the first round... so they seem to think he may slip to #33?

Detroit says they do not want Jenkins. Smoke screen and slipping?

Can't have too many pass rushers and cornerbacks on your team and he has talent...

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