Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Big Blue DFW Breaking News Boley Out!

Reports say Boley has been released to make salary cap room for 2013. Well, sports fans 2013 Giants Football has started!

Michael Boley was always stride for stride in coverage with Jason Witten. However,Witten makes18 catches in 2012 game here in Dallas. Boley lose a step?

Never under estimate Reese. This is just the start to the many questions and hopefully many answers that will soon lead the New York Football Giants to the Super Bowl in 2014.

Side note- Mara claims Cruuuuuz wants tooooo much moneeeeeey... shocker. However, stories read that Hakeem "my son works" Nicks is the priority this offseason. Nicks bring that Number 1 receiver with his Number 1 draft pick stats and size.

Peter... March 17th is around the corner!  "You are on the clock!!!"
Pick Peter Pick...Pick Peter Pick...Pick Peter Pick...

Boley started 50 of his 57 games with the Giants and had 315 tackles, 3.5 sacks (my favorite sack above), three interceptions, two forced fumbles and five fumble recoveries (two resulting in touchdowns).

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