Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Who Doesn't Love a Great Story

For the sixth time in eight years the NY Giants have drafted a running back in the NFL draft. Most of us know that the running back position doesn't seem to carry the same early round draft significance it once did. This year the Giants decided to dedicate their fourth round pick to a Heisman finalist running back out of Boston College. We all know Tom Coughlin's affiliation with  BC. That said,  I for one, am very excited about the fourth round pick of Andre Williams. I've heard that Andre Williams fell in the draft due to his limiting capabilities of being able to catch in the back field. I could care less.

While I'd like the added bonus of a pass catcher, I'd love an old school back who can handle the ball, run it up the middle  and show the fans that he's old school Giants football. I think that NFL football today tends to focus too much on hybrid player positions. I'm happy with tradition. Show the division rivals what it feels like to have a ball carrier deliver a shove to the chest. Just like ole Jack Burton used to say.

While we wait for the new season, take a moment to enjoy an article for our former NJ Star Ledger Giants beat writer Jenny Vrentes, who leaves us with a fascinating story about Andre Williams and his NFL draft experience.

Click here for the story.

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