Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Mi tiempo a tiempo!!!

Kudos to 3 players and an honorbale mention... These top three get Mac's "my Time to Time" award!

I think Eli had one heck of a game Sunday. No Brandon. COME ON! It's ...
My Time to Time ! This guy picked apart the Cardinals like Giants fans a fried turkey on a tailgate. 26-33, 240, yds and 3 TD.

Don't hold your breathe, but someone is catching TDs this year and his name isn't Jeremy Shockey. I won't name names...I 'll just mention one stat...5 TDs for 2008...What was Shockey's top TD number for a season??? HMMM

Can someone say 7 tackles. Yes, Kenny Phillips had seven tackles and he was sick according to beat writer, Mike Garafalo...Not too shabby.

Honorbale mention..Mr. 3rd down Steve Smith. Does this guy come through for Eli or what?

Let's here your gamers...


Anonymous said...

My vote is for Madison Hedgecock.

He caught the ball.

Eli Manning

Anonymous said...

Nice! 1FOR 5 AND A TD.