Thursday, November 20, 2008

My Random Thought of the Day...

What did Aaron Ross ever do to become ridiculed amongst our group?

Help win a Superbowl?

Win the Jets game last year with a pick 6?

Solidify the Baltimore game with two INTs and another pick 6?

Sure - I'm a biased University of Texas fan...but if you ask me...he's been nothing but great. I'm sure there are some Giants fans that would disagree but we've seen a first round draft pick out of Oklahoma fail miserably. (cough - cough - Cedric Jones - cough cough).

Can you really turn on a guy that had a bad game in Cleveland? Last I checked - the entire team lost that night.


Anonymous said...

Here here!

Barry Switzer.

Anonymous said...

CB Aaron Ross Named “NFC Defensive Player of the Week”: CB Aaron Ross has been named the “NFC Defensive Player of the Week” for his performance against the Baltimore Ravens last Sunday. Ross was credited with six tackles and two interceptions, one of which was returned 50 yards for a touchdown.

The last Giants’ player to win this award was DE Osi Umenyiora in week seven in 2007. Ross is the first Giants’ defensive back to win the award since since S Percy Ellsworth won it week 16 of the 1998 season