Thursday, November 26, 2009

New York Giants

Dear New York Giants Bloggers and Posters:

I would like to give thanks for Kevin Gilbride and I truly believe we need to be less critical of Kevin Gilbride.

Now wait...wait before you post something mean or go to another blog. If we keep calling him Killdrive and say his play calling is horrible or predictible... we will never get rid of him.
Richard, you will need to dig down deep with this.

Instead, we should say how inventive he is with an offense! How Gilbride of all people, deserves to be a head coach. How he can turn around any team in the league like Buffalo and add a 1-2 punch to a team that has been struggling like Buffalo. I am just saying... How he can mix up the pass with the run and throw in a play action once in a while. Keep teams off balance. Heh heh.

We need to say how horrible it would be to lose him... especially to another New York team! Oh no...not a NewYork team!!! That would be horrrrrible.

C'mon Giants fans...keep hope alive! Whether you are writing on blogs, calling into sports talk shows, at the water cooler, or in a bar like Cape Buffalo in Addison, Texas. We just need to show to the NFL powers to be that we somehow hope he feels a sense of team and stays with us forever and ever. Richarrrrd.

If we can band together as one... united with this effort... you will see another offensive coordinator next year! Look we don't want to scare off any potential suitors that may have him on a short list that wish to wisk him away from do we???

So think before you sink Killdrive...I mean Gilbride. Thank you.

So Good Luck Giants Fans and Happy Thanksgiving!

Yours Truly,

Mac McNamara

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