Friday, November 13, 2009

Sorry Jacobs......

Okay, so I was getting a little hyper-critical of Brandon Jacobs lately. Then, this week, we heard Mike Garafolo of the NJ Ledger report that Brandon Jacobs lack of dominance has been due to bad coaching calls.

Tonight I read the following transcipts from RB coach Jerald Ingram:

I don't understand how it took the coaching staff 8 games to realize that Brandon Jacobs isn't Derrick Ward and shouldn't be used in the same capacity. What a disappointment!

Now, here is something to consider. Jacobs knows these plays weren't designed for him. Yet for the last 8 weeks he hasn't said one word about bad coaching. He has sucked it up and kept his mouth SHUT in regards to dogging the team. He ignored the media or spent his time being pissed off at reporters for doubting him. I don't agree with Jacobs idle threats of big games and trash talking. But I can admire a player who doesn't throw others under the bus while his lackluster play making abilities are being called out.

Sorry about that big man.


Mac- said...

Ok the coaching staff is taking blame...How honorable. Phooey.

The players need to be accountable. If Jacobs catches the ball late in the game vesus the Chargers...we win. Back to the basics...Running and Catching.

Speaking of the basics- blocking and tackling:

Maybe the average age of our O line is creeping up on the Giants! We need some blocking guys.

And the defense needs to play tough! Someone make a play. Knock the ball down... make a play in the backfield. C'MON!

Anonymous said...


Big League Drew make good point!

Drew said...

Slueth, where you been buddy?

Mac- said...

Sloth!!! Is this the infamous SlothNYG making a debut on the Big Blue DFW ???

Hey "The Fans" We need a Sloth's Corner on the Blog.

Sloth are you available with your busy schedule and appearances?

Anonymous said...


Sloth always have time for Big Blue DFW!