Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Well I'm not going to stick Peter with the lone responsibility of picking a draft pick. My choice is likely to change over the course of the next 43 days but here is my first attempt.

I'm going to say that the Giants will use the #15 pick in the draft for Dan Williams, defensive tackle out of Tennessee. I might change my mind on this because Dan Williams looks slated more for a 3-4 defense. But since we don't know what Perry Fewell is doing, scheme wise, I think Dan Williams will be an athlete to be had.

With the loss of Fred Robbins the DTs are Canty, Cofield, Bernard, and Alford. Alford was out all year and Canty might as well have been. Cofield was average and Bernard sucked more balls than a Florida State cheerleader (filthy). Fred Robbins and Dan Williams match up close in size. That said, the Giants are going to need a new DT. Brian Price (UCLA) is available and he appears to be more athletic and stronger but had a weak combine and doesn't seem to be as quick as Williams. Not to mention that Dan Williams was a starter for almost his whole collegiate career. I think he'll be a guy who can grab a double team and open a gap for the Giants to make a comeback on what everybody wants to see most from a Giants defense........PASSRUSH.

Now comes the why. Here is why I'm picking Dan Williams. First, what are the Giants glaring needs? Most people would say it's Linebacker, Defensive Back and possibly Defensive Tackle. Everyone wants Rolando McClain. I'm thinking he will go sooner than number 15. He's a 3-4 defense guy that's good in coverage. Since 3-4 is used more often in the NFL I think someone is likely to pick him up sooner. With the addition of Rolle I think the Giants are less likely to pick up a DB in the first round. Even if Kenny Phillips doesn't make it back right away, (Please GOD say it ain't so) you've still got Ross and Webster outside and Rolle and Thomas inside. As for linebacker, there are still guys like Sergio Kindle or Brandon Spikes, but I'm thinking you'll still be able to pick up somebody in the 2nd round. Plus it appears that Kirk Morrison with the Raiders is still available and might be a worthwhile look at for the Mike Linebacker position. Speaking of Mike linebackers. Morrison reminds me of one of North Jersey's finest, Mike McNamara. A sly fox on the hunt who's not afraid to tackle someone and introduce them to the turf.

More to follow but this is a start for conversation purposes.


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Mac- said...

Nice...very informative. Plus, I like Morrison's nickname "Hollywood". Plenty of 1941 movie quotes for that nickname. You know...