Tuesday, March 2, 2010

New York Giants Draft Preview

Early sources are suggesting Peter likes Rolondo McClain out of Alabama. However, another name has surfaced from Peter's War Room. Controversial nonetheless! The name...Earl Thomas! The School...Texas!

There has been a much to do about Texas football players in the recent past. Some have questioned their lack of commitment and mental strength. Not to mention a strong hatred toward all UT players on the NY Giants roster from Jumal.

Quote from Bob M-" Earl Thomas is a badass! I love me some Earl Thomas!"

With that excitement you would have thought this Texas Football season ticket holder was talking about the Earl Campbell Hotlinks...no Sir ...he was talking about the speedy Texas Longhorn.

Thomas was the top ranked safety by NFLDraftScout.com and former NY Giant, Mike Mayock. I agree with one thing...the need for a safety in New York's 2010 draft.

After several attempts, Jumal failed to return any of Big Blue DFW's emails for a quote.

UPDATE - Mar 2 6:26 PM Peter adds to his latest prediction,
"Let's see:
Ross, Thomas, Phillips, and another UT corner? Hope Jumal doesn't mind watching that group"

UPDATE- Big Blue DFW was contacted Mar 2 at 7pm by Jumal and quote, "Only if Earl can manage to find a good trainer as to avoid pulling a labia muscle and avoid hanging with Ross cause we don't take too kindly to circle jerks in the Big Apple. With all respect to Bob."

Now that's hard hitting news! You heard it here first at Big Blue DFW. More to come...

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