Sunday, August 1, 2010

August: This Month's Unnecessary Censorship

Best caption for this photo gets a free shot during a Giants game!
(Top 3 captions will be voted on)


Mac- said...

"that shit was gay y0 .and fer da anonymous mfker who said "I did not receive an email or read a post yet I showed you are. nah sounds like u got mo' problems den n e 1 up in hurr."


Whoever said this comment is hilarious. All I did was add it to the picture. Please email me at:

You should be the big winner! Keep the funny posts coming!

Mac- said...

Now, I like it!

However, one problem...Who are you? How can we award Anonymous? One us is going to have the Nickname "Anonymous"!

We here at the BBDFW try so hard to have fun. We even tried a contest. We must be sooo bad... our only reader wants to remain Anonymous... Is it that bad or what????

I know its Peter with multiple Personalities.