Monday, September 13, 2010

Douche Bag of Week 1

My vote for Douche Bag of Week 1 is Antonio Pierce. I was looking forward to watch highlights of the G-Men game at 6pm CT (before the cowshit game) then caught AP on ESPN so I said to myself "Ok, AP would probably have lots of good things to say about our defense". But, instead this Douche Bag complained about "lack of running game" so he picked either the cowgirls or the deadskin to win the division even though neither of them had played a down this season yet. Well, they both stunk up the joint last night (I was falling asleep watching them and it was the first time in my life that I'm falling asleep watching a football game). Take that AP!

AP: You're a freakin Douche Bag of Week 1. Find the hole that Tiki is hiding to claw under - Freakin Douche!
NY Rule #1: Never never never never turn on your own family no matter what. Period.

On positive note, nothing is sweeter than a G-Men victory. That the DEFENSE that I remember!!!
Go Big Blue.

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