Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Week one extravaganza

So after week 1 I think we all know a couple of facts #1 cowboys suck,# eagles suck,# foreskins suck. While I love the way the local media have been bashing these cock chuggers so far, I have but one small request..... PLEASE DON'T HOP ON OUR JOCK after the disrespect with all these bullshit preseason predictions... its beneath you!!! Oh yea Marcelus Whiley... please penetrate yourself anally with Arsenio Hall's index finger, I'm after you get off your knees from blowing Tony Romo, maybe that's why he performed so badly on Sunday.... NO BOOM BOOM before games, it drains the legs and makes you do stupid shit on the field.... Next week at Indy will be a nice test, but I say Fuck'em in the ear!!! Twice!!! To conclude; If next weekend ends like this one.... This guy's gonna have to wear his boner pants!!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Marcellus Wiley is in luck...I heard Arsenio has a self-lubricating finger!