Friday, November 5, 2010

Bye Week Wrap Up - Funny Things Overheard At The Giants/Cowboys Game:

These will all be kept anonymous but you know who you are:

-Damn pineapple - now I'm going to smell like I went down on the Chiquita Banana Girl.

-Do you have a cigarette or joint I could smoke?

-Woah - woah - woah - Is that spicy because the Irish even question oregano?

-Come over to our tailgate and I'll show you my titties! can't clap for the Armed Forces?

-It figures that girl has bigger balls than her boyfriend wearing a scarf.

-It's cute when they try to argue Superbowls. (Giants have 7 championships)

-Watch your language - this cocksucker in front of us doesn't like it.

- I'm the Unofficial Governor of Parking Lot 19.

- Do you have a cigarette I can smoke? Cigar?-

Hey...that's my mom you're talking about.

-Watch it - you shouldn't say "ass" because of the guy in front of us. You should go with posterior. What about derriere? That works. Well then - that girl had a fucking great derriere!

-Cowboy fan, "Giants suck." Giants fan response, "Not in this building."

- I love this. I think I could moon walk back to the parking lot.

-Was that a nipple? (for the record - yes it was)

-I just made out with 4 guys - I didn't see the 2nd half.

- T-Shirt Time! Oh yeah!

- That's not going to make me hallucinate is it?

-Does anyone have a phone with a sim card...I need to call my Aunt.

-Ladies and Gentlemen - we hope you enjoyed the game here at The New Meadowlands -South. Drive home safely.

-Seriously - do you have a cigarette or joint I could smoke?

Always good times!


Anonymous said...

I did not say THAT!

Anonymous said...

yes i said that!!!

Anonymous said...

you forgot to add on the is that a nipple to someone saying i want 100 copies of that pic!!!lol