Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Giants 41 - Seahawks 7 - I Think That:

- Jumping out to a 21-0 lead on the road makes for a really fun day.

- Bradshaw is the man...he's really due to break a long one.

- If Goff had waited for a block on his fumble recovery - he might have scored (even though it didn't matter because Bradshaw finished it off).

- I was wrong to be disappointed in drafting Hakeem Nicks last year...that guy is consistently amazing. I guess that's why I'm not the G.M.

- Brandon Jacobs seems to have his step back. He was actually looking for contact and that Seattle secondary didn't want anything to do with him.

- The WRs are tough to cover. Between Nicks, Smith, Manningham, and Boss - who do you cover. (It should be pointed out that everyone held onto to the ball this time - no picks for Eli).

- The true "victory formation" is when your starting quarterback can rest on the sideline at the start of the 4th quarter.

- So much for the "12th man" Seattle. The only time I heard you was when your team converted a 3rd down.

- Maybe Reynaud isn't so bad considering the new guy had just as much trouble...still too early to tell.

- Props should be given out to the offensive line for shifting around on account of injuries.

- Our special teams coverage still sucks.

- It was funny that Steve Smith wanted to pose next to the 12 in "12th Man". I wonder what that Seattle fan in the front row said to him? (I can only hope Steve Smith told him his team sucks - although he doesn't seem like that kind of player).

- The talk around teams struggling when they travel to the east/west coast for a game is a load of crap.

- Peter Carroll can suck it.

- It's really amazing how 1 person in the group can ruin such a great day.

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