Monday, October 18, 2010

Giants 28 - Lions 20 - I Think That:

- The crowd at Cape Buffalo was the largest we've that's a lot of fun! (for any of the new comers - welcome to the group. I hope you join us again.)
- Ahmad Bradshaw is the man! Some of the cuts he makes are just sick.
- Calvin Johnson show-boating from the 50 yard line really bothered me...have fun playing for a Detroit that's been rebuilding since 1957).
- This just in: CC Brown still sucks.
- What was the Detroit return man thinking when he tried to field a ball clearly going out of bounds...nice of his teammate to nail him as he was going out of bounds. Thanks for saving us a penalty.
- Goff is quietly becoming a nice inside linebacker...props to that guy again.
- If you're an opposing QB watching film on the Giants D - Are you nervous?
- Looks like Osi isn't just satisfied with a normal sack - another strip sack...nice!
- Shayne Graham did a fine job in his 3 days as a Giant. (4-4 on extra points)
- Hopefully two rushing touchdowns for Jacobs will fire him up for next week (keep your mouth shut and keep running hard!)
- Dick's muzika palka's version of "Happy Birthday" and "God Bless America" was awesome!
- Coming down from a jaeger and birthday cake high is rough.
- Looking forward - Is there such a thing as a trap game against a 1-4 team?

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