Thursday, October 21, 2010

Giants at Cowboys - Monday - 7:30pm

If you're unable to attend the game - you're still welcome to watch it at Cape Buffalo. Since some of us will be at the game - the crowd might be a little lighter than normal.

For those of you that are able to attend the game - there are some details to pass along if you're interested in joining us for the tailgating festivities:

We will be tailgating in Silver Lot 13. (It's Southeast of the Stadium at the corner of Legends Way and Sanford Street). Since we won't know an exact location yet - we should be on the east side of the lot along the grass parking spots...basically the perimeter of the lot. (I've included a parking map below for illustration).

Since we never know how many people to expect - we've decided to make it easy and do a "BYOB" and a "BYOF"...bring your own beer and bring your own food. Basically - if you want to eat something - bring it. If you want to drink something - bring it. We'll have 2 grills there for anyone that wants to use them and probably a fair amount of cooler space too.

Our plan is to be there around 2:00pm (or as soon as they let us in the gate).

So come out and get an early start with the BigBlueDFW crew. It's pretty much a guaranteed good time!


moediggy said...

Is that just a drive up regular paid lot?if so I will be there!! Moises

Anonymous said...

Besides the obvious big blue jerseys, is there a fan club banner or sign?

Jonathan P. Mahoney said...

where is the tailgate?!?!?!